Team Boomaroo Appoints Chief Executive Officer

Over the last few years, the Jacometti brothers have worked tirelessly to prepare Boomaroo Nurseries for growth. Boomaroo has been operating in perhaps the most critical growth phase of its business and whilst the Jacomettis have built solid foundations and developed significant momentum, they recognised that they needed both support to take their company to the next level.

tony largeWith this in mind, Team Boomaroo appointed Tony Ford who joined the Team as their Chief Executive Officer in mid 2011.

Tony has brought with him a very strong background in production and leadership having worked for McCain Foods for many years; more recently as Director of Agriculture. He has a solid understanding of horticulture and dealing with supply chain partners as well as enormous experience working at the growing level. He is an accomplished leader, with a solid track record of working within the vegetable industry.

In the past 12 months Tony has, with his team, developed opportunities not only for Boomaroo but for its customers.

In Queensland the building at Toowoomba of a finishing and distribution centre to better serve Queensland clients on a daily basis with the outstanding service that is a keystone of Boomaroo's success is commencing. The plans to install the latest in high speed and quality seeding technologies at Lara in early 2013 has been agreed and is a second important initiative. With an aggressive sales expansion underway, the provision of another area of glass at Lara is a third initiative that comes on stream in late 2012 – these are just a few of the examples where a significant commitment of capital has been allocated.