Boomaroo's Finishing & Distribution Centre in Queensland opens!

Created: Friday, 28 September 2012

Boomaroo Nurseries is excited to announce the opening of its new Queensland finishing and distribution centre in Drayton near Toowoomba. This follows three years of supplying commercial seedlings to growers in southeast Queensland.

photo1The opening highlights Boomaroo's commitment to streamlining the supply of seedlings to local growers, improving service to allow daily deliveries and ensuring stock that is sufficiently robust to withstand local growing conditions.

Boomaroo is supplying growers in the Lockyer Valley for winter production, and summer cropping of bunching onions, tomatoes, capsicums, hydroponic lettuce and mixed vegetables. Stanthorpe and Darling Downs growers are supplied with summer seedlings that have been acclimatised at the Queensland nursery for successful planting.

Queensland Sales Manager Brent Dobson, explains the opening of the distribution centre means delivery can now happen on any given day of the week, and increases Boomaroo's capacity to manage crops to accommodate weather events.

"We can now service growers on short notice, therefore increasing our level of service."


The ten acre site will be managed by Scott Lee, who begins his role as site supervisor on October 1. As with Boomaroo's operations in general, the site will be highly mechanised with a boom spray irrigating and fertilising seedlings in the growing area.

A stacker/de-stacker reduces handling of seedling frames. A drenching unit will be added to the setup for the application of solution before delivery, along with a trimming unit. With one operator able to prepare large volumes quickly, efficiency is greatly increased and delivery times are reduced.

Future plans for the site include extending the growing area to handle two irrigators, and there is enough room to expand every year over the next few years.

imageBrent Dobson spends three days every week on farms with growers, checking how seedlings are performing. He also supervises seed trials for Australian seed companies distributing international breeds and will be seen at the new site at least two days each week in his "portable" office.

Boomaroo's Business Development Manager, Andrew Burgess, commented on the way growers have embraced the new nursery. "We have had great support from local growers, both on the Downs and in the Valley and the opening of our Queensland nursery in Toowoomba will enable us to provide much more support and service to them."

Boomaroo and our team in Queensland are absolutely committed to growing our business and supporting our customers and the local industry."

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